Learn more about our home staging process and service features with our answers to common client questions:

How long does it take to stage a home?

1 business day

Can staging happen shortly after consultations?

From consultation to staging completion, we have a quick turnaround time and can schedule stages within days to a week following consultation.

Can you quote project pricing before consultations?

Before consultation, clients can send pictures and share a breakdown of the rooms in the home. With this information, we can provide immediate quote estimates.

Over what time periods do you leave properties staged?

Our stage terms are up to 30 days from installation. However, we can extend it on a case-by-case basis.

Can buyers or sellers purchase Staged Set Sold furnishings?

Yes, they can! All inventory items are owned by us rather than a 3rd party vendor and available for purchase if you’d like to keep your property as we staged it.

Can buyers or sellers only rent some pieces of furniture when they don’t need full staging?

Yes, they can! This is a new service feature at Staged Set Sold. Soon we will have our entire inventory available to explore and rent select items online via Shopify – stay tuned!


Our professional home staging business in the Greater Toronto Area is proud to have earned praise from various media outlets over our years of service. One of our highest honours includes having 4 of our staged homes showcased on HGTV’s Property Brothers as recommended dream homes for their clientele.


  • Professionally staged Toronto condo living room
  • Close-up of staged coffee table and couch
  • Professionally staged Toronto condo bedroom
  • Professionally staged Toronto condo dining area
  • Staged tabletop vignette
  • Professionally staged Toronto condo
  • Decorated side table in Toronto condo

List price $499,900 | Sale price $565,000 | Sold in 6 days!

Even in a hot seller’s market, professional staging can make a great difference in gaining a competitive advantage. We staged this Valhalla property at a critical time just before the first COVID-19 State of Emergency in Ontario was issued March 2020.

While staging this condo in the heart of Toronto’s Financial District, we learned that the penthouse in the same building had sold for $550,000. With our services, it ended up selling in just 1 week at a record-breaking price that exceeded the penthouse value.


To optimize this condo’s spacing and modernize it with hardware upgrades, giving it an extra competitive advantage in a hot market.

Our Staging Approach

We recommended new paint colours and small upgrades to be performed on the unit’s lighting and hardware. This made the condo was more eye-catching and convenient for buyers seeking a unit needing as little maintenance work as possible.